Surface with Line

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Today’s ASTA workshop was Surface with Line and in Textbook #3 the theme is actually Surface with Massing of Line so the outcome was a little different.

Masae demonstrated several arrangements, the first one using very tall Gladioli and the stems were set apart making the viewer fill in the space to create a surface. The second demonstration Masae used a thick Gymea lily leaf to mirror the surface of the container and thus creating a surface with the line of the container and line of the leaf. The third arrangement the created by a curled vine creating a ‘filigree’ style ball with the focal point being flowers placed in a glass vase seen through the vine.

Sandy took second part of today’s workshop, giving tips on how to photograph your work using a smart phone/ipad. Everyone photographed their own work with good results. Unfortunately the lighting source was challenging so that is the next step to improving our images