• Tsu Li Yip
    Tsu Li Yip
  • Alexander Evans
    Alexander Evans
  • May Chui
    May Chui
  • Kevin Walpole
    Kevin Walpole
  • Joan Perkins
    Joan Perkins
  • Sandy Jumkis
    Sandy Jumkis


There are teachers throughout Sydney area and the ACT teaching both advanced and beginners classes. Contact us to find out about up coming classes.

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About Sogetsu Ikebana

Norman Sparnon 1977
Norman Sparnon (1977)

Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, practiced for hundreds of years, is now continued by people who love and enjoy the elegance of this style. Sogetsu, a modern school of Ikebana encourages artists to work with nature in an individual and imaginative form through colour, line and texture to create arrangements from the heart for all to enjoy.

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