Bamboo Steamers

Written by Sandy Marker

Partially a revision lesson for Variation #7 Morimono with a ‘twist’ – the arrangement had to include a bamboo steamer.

Thinking that obtaining a bamboo steamer is easy, but not the case, with the state of the world’s shipments for such basic items which seems to have ceased because they were not available anywhere. It was almost the same for sourcing the vegetable component because of horrid weather conditions making produce rather exorbitant or just not available.

I don’t think we thought we had to overcome all these encounters before executing our designs, but we all stepped up to the task as you can see in the images below. I personally think such challenges is what make doing ikebana so much fun.

Sensei mentioned we should take time to study your material as well as the placement of the bamboo container. Two good points – ‘less is more’ and this could not be truer in Morimono:- don’t make the work look like a vegetable shop, keep it simple and elegant. The other point to consider is taking care with the placement of the bamboo container, if possible, lift it slightly, work with it on its side, stacked, suspended, etc. so it doesn’t look heavy and grounded and don’t be predictable