Freestyle with Forks (any cutlery)

Written by Sandy Marker

I suppose the first question is WHY? I could be like a defiant child and say ‘because I can’ but that is not the purpose of the theme. We (well I will speak for myself) often get very focused on the plant material thus losing sight of creativity.

Introducing an unusual element such as a fork/s into the equation our creative mind tries to figure out how to include it into the design without it being like ‘the third wheel’ (third wheel in a situation is someone who is not needed or wanted there).

Class members let their imagination run freely coming up with all sorts of ideas using bamboo disposal forks glued to form a shape, plastic forks threaded around succulent leaves, stainless steel forks piecing chillies and strawberries or bamboo to a spoon from the family silver service being used.