51st Annual Camellia Show

Written by Sandy Marker

ASTA members continue to create amazing arrangements in all sorts of shapes and sizes mainly using just camellias but to add variety the to the display the odd arrangement uses other material in season. Also please note several of the containers have been made by the exhibitor.

It is with great delight to announce the ‘Bloom of the Year’ is “Reflecting Wave” the camellia Bob Cherry developed especially for ASTA to celebrate 50 years of Sogetsu Ikebana in NSW in 2010. This delicate but very stable camellia bloom holds onto the stem which is excellent for ikebana arrangements. Another aspect of this gorgeous bloom is the stamens stay yellow for the duration of the bloom.

Enjoy the selection of arrangements below and hope you will continue to follow us.

If you are interested in learning more about camellias, contact the NSW Camellia Research Society Inc on