Cascading with Circles

Written by Sandy Marker

A fun workshop ‘Cascading with Circles’ is ‘in the guise’ of Variation #4 Hanging but with a twist. Because it was a fun workshop the Textbook rules did not have to apply ‘to the strict rules’ – you wish to call it artistic license.

I like to review and revise lessons from the Textbooks but often students want something a little different hence the title. Drawing inspiration from Variation #4 Hanging plus revising the Jumonji-dome (cross bar fixture) method, arrangements were completed with ‘circles’

True to any form of art themes, they are interpreted differently and this can be seen here:- circles were made from ‘unconventional’ materials – card, fruit wrapping net, inside toilet paper rolls to fresh material curled such as the Fishbone fern. A few even used the shape of the leaf or flower to emphasise circles such as Nasturtium leaves, Anemone flowers etc.

Enjoy the selection of work below