Halloween and Balloons

Written by Sandy Marker

Today’s theme was a combination of two festivals Halloween (with its roots in the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain). The other festival originates in Japan Saga Hot air balloon festival.

The challenge was to combine the two titles but viewing the arrangements I think Halloween ‘won out’ because the balloons used did not really represent the colourful balloons in the Saga festival. This tiny point didn’t stop the class members producing an array of interesting arrangements.

The underlying colour of most arrangement seemed to be orange and black, which is very traditional. Orange is the colour of fire and fire was believed to provide warmth, protection, and safety. Orange and black can be thought of as orange for the sacred fire (the bonfires after harvesting) and black to colour of the night sky. Two other colours representative of Halloween: – green is a colour of evil monsters as in green zombies, and white for ghosts.

Whether we were true to the topic or not class members had lots of fun ‘playing’ creating whimsical ideas