Strappy Leaves and Glass Containers

Written by Sandy Marker

Meaning of ‘strappy’ – a long narrow strip of pliant material such as leather but in our case we used leaves.

It is surprising to see how many ‘strappy’ leaves are available in our local gardens. I would say flax leaves are the first that come to mind maybe because they are often the longest leaves hence the most noticeable. Take a minute or two to discover other leaves that would fall into this category, here are few for starters: – Dietes, Cordyline, Golden Palm, Xanthorrhoes, Iris, etc.

Drawing on the knowledge and reasons for using glass containers how do you display both the leaves and the containers to their best aspect? Some of us folded the leaves while others curled, tied, and twisted the leaves into forms before adding a focal point of colour. Leaves were placed inside the container partly or fully submerged; some leaves were outside even wrapping around the container while others were in a more conventional partially inside and out.