'Reflecting Wave' camellia

Written by Sandy Marker

In 2010 we released a new Camellia in honour of Norman Sparnon who bought Sogetsu Ikebana to Australia 60 years ago.

In order to symbolise the thriving nature of his legacy we chose to make a Camellia. Thus, it is with great pride that we presented ‘Reflecting Wave’ (Ei Ha in Japanese), which is named after Norman Sparnon . The name Ei Ha the flower name granted to Norman upon receiving his Practicing Teacher’s Diploma from the Sogetsu School of Ikebana, Tokyo.

ASTA was fortunate that we have known Mr. Bob Cherry, whose propagation programme for a new camellia took about seven years from first sighting to the gestation of a plant being ready for market. Over 3,000 hand pollinations are performed each year. From these 1,000 successful results are collected and set out to grow. The next stage selects about three emerging new species, which are then allocated to grow for about 4 years.

We are very grateful for Bob’s extensive effort to create this new camellia dedicated to Noman Sparnon for our 50th Celebration of Sogetsu Ikebana.

We have planted ‘Reflecting Wave’ in the Camellia Garden at the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney as part of the celebration for 50th Golden Years Anniversary Sogestu in Australia and New Zealand.

Ten years later I am delighted to say ‘Reflecting Wave’ is covered with beautiful blooms for all to enjoy. The camellia is planted in the Camellia Garden see the map below