Back to class - today's theme Black and White

Written by Sandy Marker

Our first lesson back since early March, with all possible precautions being taken:- hand sanitiser, wipes and masks available along with the keeping space between us. If was so good to see everyone again. The isolation has not dampened the creativity as you will see in the images

Today’s theme was inspired by a photograph on the Internet of a photographic shoot with George Clooney in a setting designed by Yayoi Kusama:- his poker dotted suit blending into the background of the room completely covered with white poker dots on a black background.

Removing vivid colours, the class seemed to home in on design – using an assortment of ‘props’ from formed Perspex, foam door sealer, wine bottle bag to machine embroidered bridal veiling. The range of flowers was not as diverse – white Chrysanthemums, Euphobias, white Camellias and Jonquils.

One point that was raised during the class if you use dried and coloured material you must always put a few green leaves or flower with it otherwise the arrangement will look ‘dead’. The other solution to this is maybe arrange in a glass container where the water is visible thus making the material look as if it is dormant rather than ‘dead’