Simplified Arrangements

Written by Sandy Marker

Wonderful news – finally some of the rigid restrictions we have endured since the onset of COVID 19 have been lifted allowing us to meet again, while remaining diligent about social distancing etc. The enforced rules certainly did not dampen the creativity of the all those who attended.

I would like to welcome three new members:- Merrilyn, Janet and Shan and may they enjoy the journey of Sogetsu ikebana with us.

Today’s theme was ‘Simplified Arrangements’ so there was no need to venture to the shops for material but be selective choosing from your own garden. The arrangements were varied in size, shape, form and everything else in-between. One of the main points that stimulated many comments was – ‘keep the proportions of your arrangement correct’. Thought needs to be contemplated as to the amount of material, including the space and negative space that the material incurs. The asymmetry of the arrangement is also very important creating a strong dynamic arrangement.

Hoping that we may continue meeting in the future so I can bring many more stories and photographs of members work, till then enjoy today’s work by our members