Workshop using Succulents

Written by Sandy Marker

A very apt theme for a workshop because one member had a neighbour digging all the succulents out of her garden, another mentioned they are’ the in thing’ at present. The theme was chosen because this plant material is not often featured in arrangements.

A huge variation of succulents your were used from Flap Jacks, to flowering Jade, Aloe leaves in various states of development from fresh leaves to ones that displayed the patina of time changing to gorgeous colours. Someone bought along a cascading variegated Jade and of course several bought along the favourite ‘Shrek Ears”.

How do you arrange succulents? Due to succulents being very top-heavy technical working varied but most of us pushed the succulent into the container to create it own tension thus sitting in the desired place. Succulents that grow along a ‘stalk’ created movement in the arrangement plus creating amazing shadows, an element often over looked because the arrangement is stunning.

Finishing the workshop many of us swapped succulent cuttings to plant in our own garden for future arrangements.