Written by Sandy Marker

The founder of Sogetsu Ikebana School, Sofu Teshigahara said ‘ikebana can be done with anything,………‘so today’s class took the words literally and worked with bamboo chopsticks

It was suggested to save time we should assemble the chopsticks into triangles prior the class. It was much easier to hot glue the chopsticks into forms rather than using fine floral wire. To add additional interest the triangles were glued in varied sizes from small triangles with long over lapping ends to others incorporating the entire length of the chopstick. Some members of the class painted their chopsticks, others left them joined together creating ‘thick lines’ while some used ‘paddle pop’ sticks.

It paid to have a hot glue gun on hand for creating additional forms because even if you think you have enough forms for your arrangement you inevitably need an extra one or two.