March ASTA meeting and workshop

Written by Sandy Marker

The March meeting was an action-packed day. Firstly, we would like to thank Margaret Hall for her years of service as ASTA Director, before stepping down today for Hiroko Prado to take over the Directorship. We all wish Hiroko well in continuing to guide NSW members into an exciting era of Sogetsu ikebana.

Following the AGM meeting we had the pleasure of Ping Block taking to the stage to demonstrate ‘Using Unconventional and Fresh Materials (whilst working from behind)’. Three amazing arrangements, two using very unusual unconventional material (packing rope and the other a wine rack with a skein of wool), and fresh material. During the demonstration Ping gave some very important and useful tips and tricks. After the demonstration members paired up to try their skill at working from behind. Members chose either Simplified or Unconventional materials in their arrangements.

To finish off the day Alexander Evans was present with Sanyo Teaching degree, congratulations