Exciting Demonstration and Workshop

Written by Margaret Hall

Our demonstrator at the AGM 14th March 2022 was Vernisher Wooh from Queensland. She was the last recipient of The Norman Sparnon Scholarship, which gives 3 months tuition at Sogetsu Headquarters.

Vernisher selected material and containers from Kevin Walpole garden. She made 4 very different demonstration pieces.
Strelitzia leaf with Club grass and Bromeliad flower in metal container, then Palm leaf, Nerine and Bromeliad flower in ceramic container. The third arrangement used cedar veneer twisted into a sculpture, Vernisher does not like staples as they are usually visible. The veneer was complimented with a couple of aspidistra leaves for living content. The final arrangement, which the workshop was a demonstration for the workshop – hot glue lace, the material was used with leaves only as the “lace” was the focal point of the arrangement.

We all went on to make our own lacey shapes and use them in our arrangements, also making them the focal point of the arrangement.
We all agreed it was a very stimulating workshop.