Illusion or cleaver use of Unconventional Material

Written by Sandy Marker

Alexander Evans conducted today’s workshop with some wonderful ideas using paper. Two different ideas for very different reasons.

The first idea was making a three-dimensional form using two different coloured card approximately 210 gram, roughly torn circles, fold, then cut approximately 1 cm in from fold line. Slid the two forms together and presto you have a stylised flower. This is wonderful if you are short of floral material and need to ‘bulk out’ your arrangement. Imagine using this method with Hydrangeas.

The second trick is to use metallic card formed into shapes (such as leaves) with a curved centre line which is then scored. Gently fold along this centre line of your design. Presto again, rather fancy stylised leaves for your arrangement. The reason to use metallic card it to play with light and reflections within your arrangement.

The following images show what can be done with simple yet clever ideas to add interest to your arrangement if you wish to use an unconventional material