November ASTA Meeting - Festive ideas

Written by Sandy Marker

What a great surprise: we had an ASTA meeting after a very long period of isolation and it was wonderful see many members looking full of energy and delighted to be together.

Hiroko Prado conducted a workshop with an element of fun with lots of festive ideas. Starting with making fans from origami papers, which can be used as Christmas decorations or chopstick holders, etc. The ideas kept flowing with larger fans of varying sizes placed off centre with Mizuhiki and a sprig of fern to complete the form. All the elements used are symbols of festivity in Japan and of course here in Australia – red green white and gold the colours of happy times.

Hiroko came up with more ideas to work with either the origami papers, sheets of calligraphy or fans. Some of the examples Hiroko showed us was covered glass containers or even a bottle with different papers then added a trim plus a few flowers to complete a simple yet stunning arrangement.

Keen to try, members set about putting their new learned ideas into practice. Please enjoy the images attached.

Special thank you to Hiroko for the fresh and new ideas for the festive season.