Yupo Paper and Autumn Colours

Written by Paulina Rosa


In April’s workshop Margaret Hall used Yupo paper to create her Ikebana and our members were very interested and keen to try and use this unconventional material. So in this month’s workshop Margaret helped our members to create free form shapes of Yupo paper by heating it with fire and used it to incorporate in their Autumn Colours Ikebana.

And what is Yupo paper? Created by a Japanese company, it is a type of synthetic paper with a super-smooth, non-porous surface that doesn’t absorb ink like traditional paper. The paper is bright white, which perfectly contrasts with bold colours to create some really impressive art pieces like the Ikebana arrangements shown here. The paper itself is also recyclable and considered an environmentally friendly product as well as reusable!

We thank you Margaret for organizing and demonstrating her Autumn Colours Ikebana.