Junko Daniels

Junko was born in Japan near Tokyo, ever since she was always surrounded by flowers because her mother and grandmother loved flowers. When she was nineteen she started learning Ikebana Koryu style for a few years which is one of major Ikebana style in Japan.

In 1988 she moved to Australia, she came to know Ikebana Sogetsu style through her friend and met Master Masae Ako who is the ex-president of Australia Sogetsu Teachers Association. Since then Junko has been learning Ikebana Sogetsu style with Master Masae Ako because she was fascinated by it beauty forms which is a modern and classic mixture. She obtained her first certificate in 2001, now she has the Teacher 2nd Grade Diploma. Junko has participated in several exhibitions included Hazelhurst Regional Gallery 2005 and 2012, Royal Botanic Garden 2009, McGlade Gallery of Australian Catholic University, Power of the Mind Exhibition in Chatswood, Newcastle Gallery Exhibition and work shop and Cusula powerhouse museum Exhibition.

Junko really enjoys learning Ikebana Sogetsu because it gives her a lot of pleasure and still will continue to learn it because she believes there has no ending in it.