Workshop with a double twist

Written by Sandy Marker

The workshop set by Daniel for the ASTA meeting had a fun element – everyone had to ‘donate’ some of his or her floral material to the ‘swap table’.

Once the table was covered with a plethora of interesting plant material it was a ‘free for all’ to take something different. The second instruction for the workshop was to interpret the poster for Unetsu Sankai Juku (The egg stands out of Curiosity). Unetsu is a fascinating Japanese dance company and well worth viewing on Youtube if you do not know anything about them.

With any group of people we all see different things and interpret these elements in different ways. This is what makes art and especially Sogetsu ikebana so interesting. The strong lines in the poster seemed to resonate with most delegates as well as the subtle colours and solidness of the two columns

How would depict this poster especially once you have viewed the Youtube showing Unetsu Sankai Juku?