Winter Magic

Written by Sandy Marker

Depicting winter in Sydney can be difficult due to it being situated in a temperate zone where our gardens consist of sub-tropical flowers such as Strelitiza, yellow Euphorbias etc to bare branched Maples and Plane trees.

‘Hearth glows red with warmth.
Frost fall leads nature into dreams,
Snowflakes bloom’

‘Naked branch reaches out;
Lichen cloaks heartwoods promise;
Ice wind swirls’

Alexander’s two Haikus sum up how the theme ‘Winter Magic ‘ could be interpreted – icy winds, frosty mornings cold evenings where we want to sit by the warmth of an open fire. I feel the exhibits created a true feeling of winter – cold but heart-warming.

The exhibition was proudly sponsored by the Japan Foundation, which consisted of fourteen exhibits by ten ASTA members. Our warmest thank you in appreciation to Japan Foundation for this wonderful opportunity.