Transforming Autumn

Written by Sandy Marker

It is almost an oxymoron to say that Sydney experiences autumn as depicted in travel brochures of Japan and other temperate or colder zones where great swathes of rustic colours engulf the countryside.

Our challenge was to depict the changing of colours from summer to autumn especially when we have had the most amazing ‘Indian summer’ with temperatures in the high 20s more like the Tropics rather than a Temperate Zone.

The exhibitors represented the feeling of autumn by drawing from the colour palette of oranges, reds and yellows, which we all associate with deciduous trees and vines of colder areas.

We are lucky in the sense we have an abundance of ‘autumn’ coloured flowers such as Strelitzia, Leucadendron, Chrysanthemums in a huge range of colour often growing in our own gardens. Exhibitors also chose containers that emphasised the beautiful hues of autumn thus giving the feeling of ‘Transforming Autumn’

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