Theme: Depicting our last holiday

Posted: 27 March 2018 ()

Written by Sandy Marker

Today’s theme challenged our ingenuity and technical skills. After a holiday one wants the excitement and memories to linger and what better way than interpreting it in the form of ikebana.

So how do we go about it? The best starting point is with a sketch, this helps to pick a special aspect of the holiday. The sketch can be a simple line drawing or a detailed sketch or even a painting.

Select the materials, of course colour plays a very important part, as well as the container making the arrangement/memory holistic. One very import point is do not interpret your work literally but hone in on one particular section and build everything around it. Approaching your work in this way highlights your story with out becoming kitschy.

Various points were bought to attention, such as avoid withered or semi dried material (even though we have been through a very hot summer) – use fresh or dried nothing in-between. Another is when using a shallow bowl try to place you kenzan to one side not in the centre of the container. Place a strip of thin rubber or even a wad of paper under the kenzan to hold it in place on the sloping side. I suppose I could regale many points but discover them on your own journey

Enjoy the following images depicting our holidays