Surfaces – Theme from Book 3 Lessons 14 and 15

Posted: 4 November 2017 ()

Written by Sandy Marker

These two lesson themes deal with creating a surface with your material. In Lesson 15 the surface is created by massing Line and I noticed that no-one chose this method, I suppose because the selection of leaves available was just too tempting.

While studying the textbooks we used fresh plant material but taking our studies further there is no reason not to include unconventional materials in this lesson theme. Though no-one took advantage of this option it is worth considering for the future.

When working with surfaces arrangements it can easily become too flat and ‘blob’ like. To avoid this happening use material that has contrast in colour, texture, size and form. Remember all arrangements should have a focal point, not necessarily flowers so use your material to its greatest advantage.

‘Surface’ produces a very strong element in an arrangement making this style excellent for exhibitions. Arrangements depicting Surface are good to photograph, worth remembering when putting your portfolio together.