Something Different – Must include Fabric

Written by Sandy Marker

The ‘sanity’ of today’s theme was questioned as to ‘why or what are were supposed to do?’ With very little explanation the ideas soon flowed with wonderful interpretations of the theme.

Introducing fabric, which is an unconventional material, so if really stuck you could revise Lesson 11 Textbook 4. Fabric is rather an inert limp object and can be rather boring ‘just lying there’ so we had to manipulate it to create the feeling of animation into an otherwise lifeless object. This is a very similar approach one needs when dealing Unconventional Materials – it must be part of the arrangement, not an added extra.

Looking through the images the fabric has been draped, twisted, pulled over, bound etc to add what I think is an exciting addition to each of the arrangements. One proviso, Sensei said ‘the fabric should not be used as a mat for the arrangement to sit on’, it had to be part of the arrangement.