Book 3 Lesson 17 Repetition of Similar Forms and Shapes

Posted: 9 November 2017 ()

Written by Sandy Marker

Book 3 Lesson 17 Describes repeating shapes and forms using only fresh plant material but today Sensei encouraged us to take this lesson to another level by incorporating non-conventional materials. A few of us took up this challenge.

Discussing the concepts of ‘repeating’ shapes raised a few points such as: is repeating lines ‘counted as a shape?’ We felt this did not fall into the category of shapes though if you look at the definition of line it does have width as well as length and the area enclosed in the sides is actually a shape. Maybe this is getting too technical and moving away from what we are trying to do in ikebana so we discarded lines as shapes. BUT lines create shapes by making a boundary/edge of/to the form. The one criteria Sensei said is that these ‘lines’ forming the shape must join up to it thus making something like a triangle etc.