Paradise Plants August Open Garden

Posted: 16 August 2011 ()

Paradise Plants - Aug 2011

Written by Sandy Marker

A forty-foot Cherry Blossom in full bloom casts a pink hue across the path luring you further into the garden where upon you are overwhelmed by the mature magnolia trees. How do you capture the quintessence of this scene?

If you have never been to Paradise Plants for an Open Garden Weekend it is highly recommended you put it in your diary for 2012. The garden in my eye appeals to the gardener, the photographer, sketch artist or anyone wanting to ‘touch’ nature. Every time I have visited the gardens I discover another interesting/beautiful plant such as Enkianthus quinqueflorus, or the amazing pollinating ‘workings’ of a member of the camellia family. Each nook and cranny contains a surprise.

As a Sogetsu Ikebana artist one becomes overwhelmed with the huge variation of material. Like ‘a kid’ in a candy shop you want to use this then you see something else and then want to use that, how do you choose? Unfortunately the placement of the arrangements do not photograph well because of the translucency of the marquee and the sloping ground so why not make the visit to the garden to see it for yourself. The next open weekend is 5th and 6th May 2012.