Movement - Book 5 Lesson 18

Posted: 6 August 2017 ()

Written by Sandy Marker

Today’s theme created quite a discussion on the correct use of a verb. The two main verbs we tend to think of are Active and Passive. An active verb is where the subject of the verb is doing the action e.g. Sandy taught ikebana today. A passive verb is where the subject undergoes the action rather than doing the action e.g. Ikebana was taught by Sandy today.

So after that very brief synopsis on verbs, how can we relate this to Book 5 Lesson18? Sensei suggested we think of a verb such a tumble, swoop, explode etc (trying not to put an ‘ing’ on the end of the word). Once we have an ‘action’ verb in mind, create that verb into an image in your mind before tackling your arrangement.

Draw on the elements of Sogetsu and in this case I think you will find that LINE will express (interpret) your action (movement) better than say Mass or Colour. Your many leaned many skills are invaluable to create movement in your material, so use them properly to express the action clearer. For example ‘swoop’ bend your material more to one end placing it in the arrangement with straighter end of the curve higher than the curved end encouraging the viewer’s eyes to swoop through the arrangement – just like a bird swooping in to catch an insect.

It was certainly a fun theme to work with even though it is was thought provoking.