Lucky Dip workshop

Written by Sandra Cottee

Members were asked to bring one container and material wrapped separately in newspaper. These were then marked with letters for containers, and numbers for material.
Each member then drew from a box a number and letter, which we then had to use together.

There was a lot of excitement then quiet concentration, how to make an arrangement with this challenge. Containers varied in size and shape, as well as material – mostly from our gardens, some purchased, in varying degrees of quality – from perfect natives to full blown roses, we had to work with what we got, but after pooling unused material we could have a little extra if needed.

The results were fantastic, everyone was happy to be spontaneous and the critique from Masae Ako was much appreciated.

It was agreed that this is a great theme for one of the workshops at our 60th celebration with Akane Teshigahara next year.