Leaves Only with a twist - ASTA meeting workshop

Written by Sandy Marker

We were lucky to meet again this month, which was touch and go because of a new surge of COVID 19 is in Sydney. All ‘masked’ temperatures taken, and hands sanitized we found a large table each
to spread out to create our arrangements. Thinking of many other ikebana groups I count ourselves very lucky to have this space and opportunity get together to give support and share ideas.

The theme set for today was ‘Leaves Only’ (Book 4 Lesson 2) but with an added twist – it had to include a brown paper bag/s. The reason for this ‘crazy’ theme was to save going in the terrible weather plus leaves are readily available in everyone’s gardens. The reason to include the brown paper bag was to stimulate a new way of thinking plus create a different approach to designs

What you did with the paper bag was purely your choice. Some cut it like making origami Christmas trees, others folded it into fan shapes while some scrunched it to give body to the arrangement. It was quite amazing to see the different versions of what a brown paper bag can look like. Fun time creating.