Glass Containers - Book 5 Lesson 13

Posted: 8 June 2017 ()

Written by Sandy Marker

A wonderful lesson for a hot day but the long ‘Indian summer’ in Sydney has broken with torrential rain. Working with glass containers to emphasis the transparency of the water made the lesson feel quite chilly.

Feeling cold in class did not hinder the delegates creativity because we all seemed to have pulled a ‘rabbit out of the hat’ with gorgeous arrangements.

The use of glass containers is to emphasise the transparency and the beauty of the water and the design inside the container both of which add another dimension to arrangements. The use of opaque containers is not permitted because it is similar to using a ceramic container. It was not discussed if coloured translucent glass was acceptable – that is a question you can either think about or ask your Sensei.

A couple of basic rules which should be considered such as you can not use a kenzan or show any form of technical fixtures. Also avoid using material that seeps milky sap or dried materials in the water – both discolour the water destroying your hard work. If you wish to use dried material in combination arrange it on the outside of the container.

This is a great theme to do during warmer months because of the cool appearance of glass and water