Fun ZOOM get together #1

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Due the being in the seventh week or is it the eighth week of Lockdown? We thought why not let’s try a get together on ZOOM. It is not a class lesson per se just a chance to work to a given theme and share antidotes of sourcing material and challenges.

It is amazing how being isolated from other like-minded Ikebana artists, one’s creativity develops and moves to new levels. I think this is because we are not being influenced seeing other works and ideas, which subconsciously we absorb.

Today’s theme is Fruiting plants – or the product of the plant/s, the list is endless. There is pant that is said not to produce any fruit/seeds and that is Kerria – the saying goes “Flowers bloom sevenfold and eightfold, but the kerria laments, for not a single fruit does it bear.” Research this plant for more information

Please enjoy the diverse array of arrangements for this the theme. Maybe you would like to arrange something focusing on this theme as a challenge. In the mean time keep safe