Fun with Washi Paper ASTA August Meeting

Posted: 14 August 2017 ()

Written by Sandy Marker

To our delight Daniel secured a selection of washi paper for an ASTA creative workshop. Washi paper is made from the bark of a gampi tree or mitsumata shrub. Other versions are made using mulberry, hemp, rice or wheat fibres.

We could select washi paper from a range of very textual sheets, subdued natural colours to brightly coloured ‘marble’ patterns. It was suggested we reviewed Book 4 Lesson 11 for ideas but many of us just wanted get started and ‘play’ with the paper.

Daniel did a quick demonstration showing how it could be used as an installation where the paper was arranged in a frame to hang on the wall while a container placed on a couple of extra sheets of washi paper. Daniel used a vine to draw the two works together creating a stunning mini installation with use of washi paper.

Several uses of the paper included integrating it as one of the materials, in contrast to the arrangement, as a supporting element for the arrangement, or even wrapped around to create a container.

Unfortunately the photos do not do the works justice or convey the fun we had being creative