Freestyle with Camellias

Written by Sandy Marker

Camellia season is upon us but trolling gardens for perfect the bloom was a very cold exercise this morning. Unfortunately, the Camellias are not at their peak but that didn’t stop Members creating a selection of great works.

I demonstrated a few ideas from a Nageire with direct fixing, Mass with Line, and a Simplified arrangement. If stuck for ideas revise your textbooks and Camellias can be used for virtually in any style of arrangements

When arranging handle the blooms with great care because the petals bruise very easily plus you do not want the bloom to drop. To avoid the bloom dropping pin (using dressmaking pins or better still Entomology pins which are very fine and sharp – they can be sourced online) in place through the calyx and the leaf if facing backwards (turn to face forward then pin).

In your arrangement of Camellias be mindful of what you want to show, the blooms, the leaves, and the trunk/stems because each section has its own beauty, so take care and trim with purpose to display the character and essence of the material.