Exciting Workshops with Mrs Martin Kosei, visiting teacher from New Zealand

Posted: 25 September 2011 ()

Takako Martin's workshops

Written by Sydney Members: Margaret, Jenny and Masae

We eagerly awaited our first workshop with Mrs. Takako Martin Kosei after seeing her wonderful demonstration the day before at the Ikebana International Luncheon.

Our first workshop was to practice the ‘Downstick’ fixture method Tate-no-Soegi-dome with any of the Nageire styles – basic, slanting and variations.

Whilst this is so basic to our training it is good to go over and over it till it becomes second nature. Takako’s gentle humour and coaching put us all at ease and we soon began producing “textbook” quality, and feeling far more at home with ‘Downstick’ fixing.

The second workshop was thought-provoking because it was in two parts. Firstly working with ‘one kind of leaf’ trying not to make the arrangement too complicated, whilst varying the size and shapes of the form. Once we completed this challenge we had to eliminate all except one of the shapes and add flowers, making a beautiful

The Sunday workshop was very inspirational because of the introduction of a new material. Using 500 grams of 2.5mm annealed aluminum wire set a new challenge to the delegates at the all day workshop. It was an experience to feel the soft silver shiny wire move under our fingers to create a woven formation. Forming loops, which intertwined into the previous row in a ‘knitting’ style, created interesting forms. This form could then be stretched or ‘squashed’ into a random shape of your desired. It was very interesting to see everyone’s shapes, which mirror each individual artist. Once finished all the shapes were placed together creating an incredible form of Mass and Line.

With the third element of Sogetsu missing, each delegate then added Colour using a container and floral material. All of a sudden the spaces within the form came animated creating movement and depth.

As a delegate I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop because I worked with a new material. I know I can also speak for many of the delegates the real enjoyment came because Mrs. Martin Kosei expert skills made everyone feel at ease creating a wonderful and inspiring atmosphere.