Dried, Beached and Coloured Material

Posted: 3 December 2017 ()

Written by Sandy Marker

Not sure how to write today’s ‘blog’ because it is with mixed feelings.

The lesson started with a great flurry trying to tie Mizuhiki, which is coloured paper string associated with celebrations – placed in arrangements, on invitations and celebration cards to signify the continuity of friendship and happiness.

The sad side of the lesson was the ending of an era for Seiseki Umemura who is semi retiring from teaching regular classes after 30 years. We will miss the weekly classes not only catching up with fellow ikebana artists but also tackling the challenges Sensei sets. We will continue to have lessons on a less regular basis, so it is up to us to practice and perfect our skills so when we met we will be ready to the next challenge.

After battling/struggling with wayward Mizuhiki cords the class settled down to creating beautiful arrangements with dried, bleached or coloured material of all kinds. Some used the ‘melon’ basket taught the previous lesson and Ann came up with her own version of a basket, which we love to try in the near future. I think I was the only one tenacious enough to struggle tying the Mizuhiki to include in my arrangement.