Double theme - Tonal Colours and Seasonal Material

Posted: 18 May 2018 ()

Written by Sandy Marker

A combination of two themes Tonal Colours and Seasonal Material was our challenge for today’s class.

We have often discussed the meaning of Tonal Colours. The general consensus has been – tonal colour is different shades of the same colour, e.g. light blue to dark blue. This is achieved with the addition of white or black added to the same colour. We also discussed can you use a selection of colours of the same tonal value (or for example the same amount of white/black to a different colour/s). As ikebana artist can we push the boundaries by using either style?

To add to the dilemma of Tonal Colour we had to work with Seasonal Material. Because is Sydney classified as a warm temperate zone, what autumn colours available? Do we use the ‘normal’ russet colours or ones readily available such as pink (not often thought of as an autumn colour) chrysanthemums, pink camellias, pink commos all readily available in our gardens along with red/golden Nyssa trees, red grape vines etc.

A thought provoking class leaving many of us questions to ponder