Creating 'card' containers

Posted: 18 June 2018 ()

Written by Sandy Marker

Challenges are always at hand and today’s ASTA workshop theme (Construct a Container from Card) was no exception.

There was a variety of assembled forms all of which created their own challenges due to the stiffness of the card. Problems in securing the ‘seams’ were overcome for example with glue and using an elastic band to hold in place until it set, holding the edges together with paper clips while sewing the seams with backstitch or Japanese bookbinding, etc. Others used staples, split rings or interlaced the form into its self.

A discussion was raised “were we making a container from card or Using Unconventional Material’”. Personally I felt all the works/containers fell into the category theme ‘Constructing a Container from Card’. This was then placed over a vessel holding water. If the theme was using ‘Unconventional Material’ the ‘man made’ material should be the main feature of the arrangement, not the container as specified in today’s theme.