COVID 19 – New rules new methods

Written by Sandy Marker

A worldwide pandemic has far reaching ripples creating new challenges for everyone. For me it is my continued lessons with my students. The only way to stay ahead is to be pragmatic and creative drawing on your resources, which often means learning new skills.

This is exactly what we (both students and I) have done – grasped the world of technology with vengeance. Lessons are set in advance, then students set up their workspace at home, call in to say hi then work just as if they were here in my studio. I am at the ready for any calls asking for assistance if challenges arise. When the work is completed students call in by various ‘social media’ applications and I critique the work etc just as if they were here in person. We are now into week 6 of virtual classes and it is working extremely well.

The only draw backs are – it is often very hard to critique a 3D form in a 2D format. Some students video the work doing an all-round sweep of the work, which certainly helps. The other draw back and seems to be impacting the students (and everyone by the sounds) is the lack of social interaction and the sharing of ideas in a relaxed environment.

I am extremely proud of my students and their continued eagerness to learn and to support the challenge of working with new technology. It has given me a chance to teach several of my students who live as far away as Canberra area, Coffs Harbour and even Tokyo.