Composition of Movement

Written by Sandy Marker

This lesson always seems to end up as an English Grammar lesson, discussing the movement. Do we select the correct word for the action – is it a verb, (jump) or past tense and we add ‘ed’ (jumped) but it could be the present participle were we add ‘ing’ (jumping). The jury seems to still be out on the final decision.

Now the English lesson is over lets get to some creative arrangements. Sensei basically said we can select what ever tense but we really need to show the action or rather the essence of the movement.

Some arrangements looked quite static but in the correct sense of the language it was correct such as Sylvie’s arrangement using Spanish Moss and the action was ‘swarm’ as bees do when finding a new hive. Other arrangements varied from being very easy to interpret to a few more obscure actions but in the light of artistic talent there was a great selection.