Book 5 Lesson – Using Various Locations

Posted: 8 September 2017 ()

Written by Sandy Marker

I suppose if you think about this topic, it has never been stated that arrangements must be shown on a table! Today, the students took all sorts of positions within the hall (not really the most conducive place for inspiration) and used their imagination for different places and approaches to arranging.

As usual I tended to push the boundaries, I suppose it is because I am influenced by one of my many hero’s Andy Goldsworthy, who sees arrangements/installations can be placed anywhere and often with a whimsical undertone. Though his works are different to Sogetsu ikebana, the concept of using the environment or different/unpredictable locations is not dissimilar to this theme.

Ikebana was originally placed in a Tokonoma where the arrangement is viewed from a seated position on a tatami mat. In today’s modern world the arrangements have moved out of the Tokonoma and are being viewed in all sorts of situations.

Reading the textbook one gets the impression you have to select the position/location first then create the arrangement, but sometimes the material determines the placement, experiment arranging both ways.

Viewing the images (which were extremely hard to photograph) blow, some arrangements are perfect for the location while others had a whimsical element just for fun to stretch the imagination.