Book 5 Lesson 21 Arranging from Behind Nageire (Kakei-zu/Variation Style)

Posted: 25 August 2017 ()

Written by Sandy Marker

Last week we practiced demonstrating Moribana from behind and this week was the next stage – Nageire. In my experience demonstrating Nageire invariably ‘tosses’ up challenges by not working as planned. With practice, you will conquer this obstacle.

As we discussed last week we should be well prepared, this is the first step to being confident. Select material that is easy to work with, that is material that is relatively straight or easy to bend such as Pussy Willow, Red Dogwood etc. Avoid material that has significant bends in the stems because these can cause a balance issue.

When demonstrating it is your choice of fixing methods – Jumonji-dome (cross bar) or Tate-no-Soegi-dome (vertical fixture) if well practiced either method is very successful. Here are a few tips if using Jumonji-dome method
• Always work in the X position rather than the + (plus) position because the centre of the X angle holds the material firmly. See diagram below
• Place the Shin in the back quadrant then the Soe in the same quadrant leaning against the Shin at the cross section of the cross bars – this will anchor your material firmly
• Continue to place the additional material – Hikae, then the subordinate materials (Jushi) and to make sure your already placed material remains secure place a finger on the Shin and Soe at the cross bar, once additional material in place slowly remove your finger
As mentioned in last week’s Blog, be confident, and don’t fiddle with your arrangement and this will show you are in total control