Book 5 Lesson 21 Arranging from Behind I Moribana (Kakei-ku + Basic Upright Style)

Posted: 17 August 2017 ()

Written by Sandy Marker

As Sogetsu ikebana artist/s and teacher/s (or budding students) we should be well versed in demonstrating starting with the very first lesson we learn.

It may be a harrowing experience the very first time you demonstrate. The easiest way to avoid this feeling is to prepare yourself firstly by sketching the Basic Upright Moribana. You should draw both the elevation and floor plan aspect. To get a better idea revise Book 1 Lesson 1 to see how your sketch should look. To make it even easier write the word audience at the front view of the sketch and once finished turn it around so you are viewing it from the behind. This will be the view you see when demonstrating

When I first started demonstrating I imagined I was sitting in the audience and arranging for myself so I always got the main elements going in the correct direction at the correct angles. You may work out a formula that works for you.

A couple of good points for demonstrating:-
• Prepare your material – cut to a little longer than needed so when demonstrating cut end cleanly and place in position
• Cut the branch material at an angle so you will always see the cut surface facing you so you know the front of the material is correct facing your audience
• Make sure your leaves and flowers are facing forward to the audience
• Never walk around to see it from the front
• Be confident and don’t fiddle with your material
• Enjoy demonstrating – your audience will feel the happiness