Book 5 Lesson 20 - Inspiration from art work

Posted: 11 August 2017 ()

Written by Sandy Marker

In my eyes this theme can be seen or worked from two angles – firstly: – use the painting/artwork as an inspiration and starting point for your arrangement. Secondly: – your ikebana creation is an extension of the painting, that is where the arrangement is part of the painting/art work. I understand the second point is more in keeping with the Imeoto’s intention of the lesson.

Today our Sensei ‘sprung’ a challenge on us before settling into the work we had prepared for. The challenge, we drew a number out of a hat that corresponded to some-one else’s art inspiration. With some mumbles and ‘head scratching’ the end results produced amazing results. We had to work with the material we bought, which was a little difficult but it didn’t stop a group of enthusiastic artists! To over come this quandary of how to deal with such a challenge – try selecting a section of the art whether it be the lines, colour etc and work from there. It was a thought provoking exercise and one I think we should do more often to encourage us to strive higher.

Below is a selection of images showing the ikebana artist’s work with their inspiration, other images show their work with some one else’s inspiration