Book 5 Lesson 15 Miniature Arrangements.

Posted: 25 June 2017 ()

Written by Sandy Marker

Miniature arrangements are another facet of Sogetsu ikebana. This style of arrangement starts with looking into the microscopic world of the floral material we use. In doing so we discover an overabundance of new forms, which stimulate new ways of arranging this material.

We have studied Miniature Arrangements previously but Textbook #5 states we should used five or more small arrangements in our work. It is almost like an exhibition of works but all in one entity. The individual components are placed on something such as a lacquered board, washi paper, etc to create a boundary for the individual arrangements.

This new approach also states that we should look more closely at the material we select to use in ‘ordinary’ arrangements. To discover different aspects to the material we may need to disassemble the flower/beery/leaf to show the form. This could be a single petal, the stigma, pistil, calyx, seeds in a berry etc. It is amazing what we discovered – a whole new world of shape, colour, texture etc.

The use of intresting containers ranging from perfume bottles, shot glasses, medicine bottles or even very small ceramic forms added another dimension to the arrangement. Unfortunately with so ideas flowing we didn’t really spend a lot of time studying each exhibit at the time but looking through the photos for this Blog story I was amazed each exhibit had so much to offer and enjoy