Book 5 Lesson 12 - Two approaches to branches

Posted: 18 June 2017 ()

Written by Sandy Marker

We have worked with branch material several times over the years, so it is always great to revisit a theme with a new approach. I personally love this lesson because it means there is a building aspect where it tests your ‘constructing’ skills.

The lesson in Book 5 looks at the theme in two different sections – firstly constructing a sculptural form, which is a strong entity in its self. In creating this ‘sculpture’ don’t forget about the Sogetsu elements and principles. One aspect I think that is very important is to gain lightness by having the least amount of material touching the surface (you will need a minimum of 3 points). Avoid making a tepee/inverted cone shape, be creative and push the balance aspect as far as you can go to make the work exciting.

The second approach is to see if this ‘construction’ can be placed harmoniously with a container plus adding fresh floral material to emphasis the structure. The ‘construction’ can be placed partly/of fully in the container but remember basic points such as dried wood can discolour the water. I personally cannot see reason the ‘construction’ should be placed in the container – it defeats the purpose of the exercise.