ASTA workshop:- Tate-no-Soegi-dome (vertical fixture)

Written by Sandy Marker

It was wonderful to welcome Ray Bywaters, the South Australia Sogetsu Director to our workshop today.

Today’s workshop for ASTA members was more about technique rather than the actual end arrangement but that doesn’t mean we didn’t end up with great arrangements.

I, conducted the demonstration emphasising the importance of the correct splitting method and making sure the end of the material has maximum contact with the side of the container. I feel if you master these two technical points the rest should easily fall into place. Many ikebana artists avoid doing Nageire arrangements because these basic points have not been practiced, thus not creating a good foundation for the arrangement

Masae added another great point before measuring etc find the ‘face/front’ of your branch material and cut at a 45degree angle on the end of the stem so the white beneath the bark indicates the face/front. Then proceed with the measurement, hold the material in correct position and you see the ‘white ‘ you know you have the material facing the correct way, before you cut the end for maximum contact.