ASTA workshop - Incorporating Recycled Material

Written by Sandy Marker

It seems these days we are drowning in a plethora of trash, which most can be RECYCLED, hence the theme of today’s workshop.

Daniel Verner bought along a ‘treasure trove’ of goodies. Some of the pieces were very recognisable yet other pieces we wondered where or what it came from. A selection of paper cups, chicken wire, plastic discs, ribbons, long vivid coloured tubes etc. where there for the taking

Drawing our ‘lot’ out of a hat, we then set about creating a freestyle arrangement using the ‘lucky dip’ treasure. We supplied our own containers and plant material, making the most difficult part bringing the ‘treasure’ and material together to create a harmonious arrangement.

When faced with a challenge like this we must endeavour to follow the elements and principles of Sogetsu ikebana. I am bringing this point to notice because the theme was Recycled Materials , which is the focal point or main element of the work and the other material is subordinate or Jushi for the design.

Next time you are spring cleaning and about to throw something out, think: can it be added into an amazing arrangement?