ASTA meeting workshop - Another method for fixing in Tsubo

Written by Sandy Marker

Thank you to Hiroko Prado for a very informative demonstration on ‘Another kind of Fixing for Tsubo Containers’. As they say there is ‘more ways to skin a cat than one’ and this certainly applies to working in Tsubo containers.

In my experience there seems to be two very popular methods – nail fixture and direct fixing so here is another method to add to your repertoire, split method. This method is very good for thick and strong branches. First step is to get your material in the correct position then make sure you cut the ends correctly – that is you must cut so you have the maximum contact with the side walls of the container. Here comes the tricky part:- to split the branch it must be done at right angles to the angled cut. Secondly you must split far enough for the end to come in contact with the wall of the container. Repeat this action with the second branch then slide the two together slightly before placing into the Tsubo the continue pushing till the ends touch the walls. Presto you have completed a split method, now continue with the remainder of the arrangement.

There is another method but will keep that information for another time. Practice this method till it becomes second nature.