ASTA Meeting - the first for 2022

Written by Margaret Hall

The first ASTA meeting of the year was a joy, masks no longer needed!
Masae Ako gave us a demonstration about water, Textbook #5 lesson 13, with three different approaches on the subject.

The first arrangement featured a vertical glass container with leaves and a hydrangea , there was a nice contrast with a fine Coral fern and Palm Grass (Molineria sp). The stem of the Hydrangea had been seals with hot water for preservation. This made a cool watery arrangement being careful about the stems were seem being magnified by the glass and water.
The next arrangement was in a glass goldfish bowl. The stem of a hard banksia was hidden in a red champagne flute tipped at a 45 degree angle inside the bowl. Leaves were added before filling the water to the brim, then a few drops of blue food colouring was added changing the colour of the water.
A strong red glass container was used next. A branch covered with silver tape and a large Monstera deliciousa were used as the main feature while a second leaf supported the form plus high the stems in the vase. The folded Monster leaf was folded to create movement.

Masae generously gave us hints on how to extend our own arrangements, developing our practice.